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About OGR

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Omaha Girls Rock’s mission is to give girls the confidence to use their voice through music education and performance. Our female mentors act as a support system encouraging self expression and self respect. Through workshops and one-on-one instruction we cultivate the DIY values that form the core of the independent music experience–confidence, self-reliance and original thinking–and encourage our students to apply these values in all aspects of their lives.


Our ultimate goal is to provide a support system enabling and encouraging girls to design their own futures and to realize those designs.

Program Details

NO PREVIOUS MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Omaha Girls Rock is a day camp for girls ages 8-18. Upon arriving at camp, girls will be checked in by a faculty member before assembling themselves into bands. Every day they will receive instruction in their chosen rock instrument (guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards or drums); attend two workshops on subjects ranging from self-esteem to songwriting; and have rehearsals guided by a “band manager” (counselor) in preparation for the final showcase. Along the way the girls will develop and hone life skills like cooperation and creative thinking, and emerge as confident and capable young women sure of their voices, and of their worth.

Omaha Girls Rock strives to embody the core values of Girls Rock Camp Alliance:
* We value the power of music as a means to create personal and social change;
* We value efforts that actively expand opportunities for girls and women;
* We value positive approaches to fighting sexism;
* We value integrity, honesty, and respect;
* We value appropriate sharing of resources, cooperation, and collaboration;
* We value using our collective voice to further our mission;
* We value diversity.

Who’s involved?

Margot Wickman (President)
Rachel Jacobson (Vice President)
Barbara Weitz (Secretary)
Ryan Fox (Treasurer)
Katie Weitz White (Board Member)
Melissa Wurth (Executive Director)
Rachel Tomlinson-Dick (Volunteer Coordinator)
Aaron Markley (Gear Manager)
Andrea Walters (Web Designer)

Any questions should be directed to info@omahagirlsrock.com.